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of the situation with vice-president biden, and fema director, and a number of others. last night the president approved disaster declarations for new jersey and new york. the president is off the campaign trail for now, campaigning -- canceling the events yesterday and today. bill clinton will be campaigning. romney is taking part in star relief events in all how. ryan is meeting with hurricane relief workers in wisconsin. there will be a political rally in iowa tonight and ann romney will fill in for her husband. you can watch our coverage of the candidate, plus the dates from key house and governor's races. coming up short settlor, sherrod rown will debate josh mandel. to ohio for the final debate between brown and mandel. a former marine, mr. mandel serves as the ohio state treasurer. the debate lasts about an hour, hosted by nbc. important battleground. i am chuck top of nbc news and welcome to the third and final debate between the two men vying to be one of ohio's two voices for ohio for the next six years. senator sherrod brown claims that he has the track record of working for the stat
on hold, at least for today. he visited the fema offices in washington and a world apart shortly from a meeting with new jersey governor chris christie over the effects of hurricane sandy in atlantic city. also, transportation secretary ray lahood saying that his department is providing millions to states. there will be stops in wisconsin, las vegas, and colorado for the president tomorrow. mitt romney, three stops today in florida. an appearance at 8:00 p.m. eastern live at c-span. and florida, joe biden espy campaign just after -- is a campaign just after 3:00 p.m. eastern. casey -- casejohn id is encouraging -- gov. john k. sacha is encouraging early voting. >> we have made incredible progress in the last eight years. we have balanced budgets in all those years and have become the fiscal n.v. of the country and have the largest budget surplus in ever in our history. i believe we can cut taxes for every hoosier. but john, you just said that we pay for things in indiana. when you were speaker of the house, for five of the six years that you were running the state house, indiana ran d
, people pay for it one way or the other. people are going to pay for it out of their own pocket or fema is going to come in and pay for it that the people in general end up bearing. >> a transfer of wealth as a result of all of this. gm out with their october sales. fill lebeau is out with those numbers. >> as we bring in kurt, let's mention that the sales came in at 4.8%. character trooized what we saw this month, including the last three days of the month. >> yeah, phil, you know, first and foremost, you know our thoughts and prayers are with everybody in the northeast, given what they have been through, you know, we're going to do everything we can possibly do as a company. we donated over 50 vehicles to the american red cross. so, you know, we're doing whatever we can. having said that, given the circumstances, there was definitely an impact to the business but we feel that we finished almost 5%. so we feel gradual growth in the indust industry. are we showing half a percent? what can you gaunt for it? >> it was certainly a few thousand units, phil, we're trying to quantify that as
think the most important thing to realize the head of fema, craig fugate, is an experienced man. i worked with him when he was running emergency management group in florida. i think you're going to see the dollars coming from the federal government but you will need the leadership from the individual governors and clearly mayor bloomberg and governor cuomo and governor christie can provide it. working in collaboration with the local officials. i know easy for me to say and difficult for people to accept. it will have to be a lot of patience. it will take months if not years to rebuild these communities. i encourage them to look at haley barbour model in mississippi after the katrina disaster. he took that disaster and used the opportunity to basically rebuild some of those communities. it takes planning. it takes courage and leadership. i, in fact i suspect you will find in both those states with the governors. bill: that is great example. thanks for bringing that to light. let's bring to what fox news was reporting late last night with regard to libya. a big turn now. now we have
of hurricane sandy. officials promised fema is doing everything it can to help. >> we want to help get things back to normal as quickly as possible. schools open, stores open. >> reporter: in new jersey, emergency crews and the national guard are still going door to door searching for survivors where families have been stranded by floodwaters for days. natural gas fires continue to burn in mantoloking where homes were flattened. and with millions still in the dark, 64,000 utility workers in a dozen states are working around the clock to turn the power on. >> one pole at a time. how you got to go. you got to pick through it. >> yay! >> got our lights back. thank you, lord. >> reporter: commuters have been ordered to have at least three people in their cars, and gas lines are growing. >> i got here at 9:59 a.m., and it's 1:00 in the afternoon. three hours. >> reporter: the coast guard is now helping to bring fuel into the city, and sunday's big new new york city marathon is still a go, despite criticism that the runners will be traveling near areas devastated by sandy. rob and sunny? >> in new
'm going to hire a pro no one is mad at fema in 2000. bush, for no obvious reason to me, he decides to put in local cronyism again and let's go back to the old way. they govern. so obama comes back and people are pretty happy with the response to hurricane sandy so far. you always hear about how they don't do a good job. the challenges of being a liberal. and then that romney is on the record saying that any opportunity you can to turn over to the private sector you should do it. >> that is a perfectly legitimate question, especially in the aftermath of sandy. we had an article in "the new york times." big storms require big government. if you'd like to respond to what bill just said. >> yes, i am from atlantic city. i have a brother who weathered out the storm and has his own generator. he is not a survivalist. he is actually a pilot for delta airlines and upstanding citizen who ordinarily tells me that you are an idiot and anybody that doesn't vote for obama is a racist and etc. the last couple of days, he has been ranting about how nobody is allowed back on bulimic cities berrier island
as potentially the biggest ever to hit the mainland. live reporters up and down the coast and on fema director craig fugate with his message to people within the forecast zone. >>> and i'm talking to blanche lincoln about what-if scenarios with either outcome. and "the des moinesregister," out today with its endorsement of mitt romney. what changed this go round? literally, i just got off the phone talking with rick green about that. i'll quit that at the top of the show. in office politics, back in the ncs newsroom, asking our colleagues what they think the president should tackle first. busy show. >> 2012 is interesting. salt lake tribune goes for the president, and the des moines register for mitt romney, and a hurricane in the middle of it. >> and an earth quake in los angeles. >>> why halloween is a reminder we all need safe and strong community. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealth
in fema-designated flood zones don't have a choice, they had to buy flood insurance, so they're likely to be covered as well because flood insurance policy covers not only for a flood, but also a storm surge. the other coverage, you talked about falling trees, if a tree were to fall on a car, so long as you have comprehensive coverage and about 80% of the people, drivers opt to purchase it, you're covered on that as well when it comes to the auto insurance. >> an older car, like the one that i drive, though, will most of us just have liability and we're out of luck, right? >> i would say yes and i think that's why if you talk to insurance agents, they say if you're going to drop one on an older car, it's better to drop collision because collision is pricier than comprehensive and you have comprehensive coverage not only -- the answer is not just described with the tree falling on the car, but the comprehensive also covers you for a partial or submerged flooding of a vehicle. >> it's too late at this point if you haven't done the work that you were supposed to do, the itemizing and all
was an extraordinary trip out there, and all the people that came up to on the street say i wonder if people at fema know how much they need them now. they have no communication no, electricity. cell phones don't work. they don't know that people out there know about their struggles. >> astonishing to see and to hear how many of them talk about that close-knit community, but as you said how much can one community be asked to bear. well, we want to head to another community that's been hard hit by this storm, atlantic city. that's where al roker is this morning. al, good morning again to you. >> good morning, savannah and matt, and right behind me, this is the boardwalk. it makes kind of an "l" turn, but as you can see there's the atlantic where the boardwalk should be. you can see the cement pilings. that's where the boardwalk resting on, so it is going to take a lot of work to get that back to where it is. work is going on, even as we speak. take a look over here. you've got front-end loaders pushing dirt and sand that's washed up to try to clear the streets out. let's show you what's going on thou
are and what the fema efforts are? there is no doubt in my mind that this death toll will continue to rise, that people are losing their lives as we speak out there, and i wonder if we're going to hear more from the president in terms of an update. >> reporter: i will tell you martha that his events, he had three events yesterday and at all three of those he made clear to start his remarks by giving a quick update, not a long one but a quick update for people in some of these other states where they may not understand how desperate the situation is back on the eastern seaboard. he's done that, and jay carney will likely brief reporters today aboard air force one later today when the president is moving to another state. but you're right, this is something that is important. while the president is resuming the campaigning we are only four days out from an election and people are focused on that there is 0 obviously a lot of attention that need to be focused on what is going on on the ground, martha. martha: in some ways it does feel like the aftermath of september 11th. obviously a very dif
of new jersey, says that a hundred generators from fema are coming. they've got a whole bunch of diesel oil that's going to be coming. we're talking about filling up our cars, these governments are talking about keeping sewage treatment plants open and getting generators to a lot of places. we think we've got it bad, we're trying to make sure that just the infrastructure of these big states is being, you know, is being taken care of. and it's a really, really big deal. >> you've been tracking insurance deductibles, the issue of people getting money after this storm. what's the latest there? >> the latest here is that the state regulators are saying, your hurricane deductible will not be triggered. when your hurricane deductible is triggered, it means you don't pay the $500 deductible you think you have on your home, you pay more like a percentage. that's $15,000, not the $300 you thought. andrew cuomo saying, no, those hurricane triggers will not go into effect, you will just pay your deductible, so that will save, if this really does happen, that will save homeowners in new york, new j
are tomorrow. many things we plan to cover have heard and canceled. we'll keep you up-to-date with any fema announcements as the storm makes landfall later today. also echoed the new york stock exchange close for business today has also announced it will be closed tomorrow. >> i especially like watching gavel to gavel coverage. it's the only place to get the real deal. i enjoyed newsmakers in the book program. i like that the commentary is only intended to let you know what's going on. there is that really too much analysis. there certainly isn't opinion and i appreciate how i can really see through and understand the programming itself. i can get my analysis elsewhere. if you want to see how your government works directly, c-span is about the only place to go. >> if you consider that a while ago no one would ever agree to carry around a tracking device, right? now we'll carry on cell phones which you can inherently track. no one would've ever posted, let anyone read e-mail, but right now is gmail and it's all served on a server. it's interesting that we as society has given her information
chris christie today. the president stop by fema headquarters to get an update. with him were the most director rich fugate, all my security secretary janet napolitano, defense secretary panetta, and hud secretary shaun donovan. the president again heading to new jersey. vice president biden continues campaigning for the president. you will be in a call of florida and we'll have live coverage of his remarks. that will start at 3 p.m. eastern. you will be able to see it on c-span. later, it's the republicans turn, senator rob portman and governor john kasich, live at 5:30 p.m. eastern c-span will have the also. later, it's the nominee himself, mitt romney will speak in jacksonville, florida, joined by former governor jeb bush. that stores live 8 p.m. eastern to see it on c-span. >> you were watching c-span2 with politics and public affairs, weekdays featuring live coverage of the u.s. senate. on weeknights, watch key public policy events. and every week until it's nonfiction authors and books on booktv. you can see past programs and get our schedules at our website. and you can join in
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activities through tuesday. the president is in washington, d.c. monitoring the situation with fema. representing -- rep steve king and calendar -- and challenger. christie vilsack is the former first lady of iowa. courtesy of iowa public television, this is an hour. city inoining sioiux waters of the district that republican steve king has been representing in the congress for the past 10 years. getting a bit term with two- thirds of the votes cast two years ago. redistricting may be diluting the republican dominance. that is where christie vilsack may have been hoping when she moved half a across the state to ames, declaring candidacy for his seat. she is familiar with the district, a traveling the state as the first lady during her husband's eight years as governor. welcome to iowa press. >> both of you are familiar with the format. with this audience and the television viewers -- they will cheer at the beginning and end. the question in this debate edition come from sioux city journal writer bret heyward and kay henderson. >> mrs. vilsack, at an iowa fundraiser, you said, you we
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republican who did not was the former fema director under george w. bush, michael brown. if you don't remember who michael brown is, you might remember this moment during the bush administration. >> there will be plenty of opportunities to help later on. right now, the immediate concern is to save lives and get food and medicine to people so we can stabilize the situation. i want to thank you all and brownie, you're doing a heck of a job. the fema director is working 24/7. [ applause ] >> cenk: well, that became a big dispute later. michael brown spoke out today and said that president obama was moving too fast during this storm which is fascinating. and he then went on to clarify he said in the context of the election, i simply said he should have waited, the storm was still forming people were debating whether it was going to be as bad as expected or not and i noted that the president should have let the governors and mayors deal with the storm until it got closer to hitting the coastal areas along the washington, d.c
, if it ends up being more effective than the fema effort in new orleans, then i think romney has some problems. >> jennifer: i think it may be a way that it comes to romney's favor in this sense, if this is only attacking the eastern seaboard, then you are going to see a turn out -- through next week, you would see a turnout effort that is reduced, and then you get to the question of he the president might end up losing -- or this might contribute to him losing the popular vote but winning the electoral vote. does that concern you? >> it does in that he faced questions of legitimacy in his first term. there were some people who imagined that he was born in some other country and couldn't wrap their heads around it. anything that undermines the legitimacy of his presidency for example with congress who may push back on legislation, that's why it is so important for people to vote. i think the president has an opportunity to distinguish himself from mitt romney in this respect, for one thing his strong support for fema but also in actually coming out for climat
. how do you privatize fema? you're going to make disaster relief for profit? they'll be thinking about profit margin when people are in dire need and they're in need immediately? >> that's exactly what halliburton would do. they would bring in halliburton to do all of this cleanup. >> i think it is called insurance. you pay -- they already have that. nobody nobody can afford it. >> exactly because it keeps going up and up and up. >> stephanie: governor, you've been asked 14 times why are you retuesday fog answer the -- refusing to answer the question that he would abolish fema in a debate just a few months ago. he won't answer that. >> disaster in the cayman islands. >> stephanie: 29 minutes after the hour. right back with elvira on "the stephanie miller show." to miss my show is if that's the only time you can get to a polling place. make sure that voting is your highest priority on election day. besides, you can always dvr my show. you really cant' dvr the future of the country. to help you make informed decisions, watch curr
. >> fema teams did walk through statin island neighborhoods thursday trying to make sure victims signed up for federal help. homeland security chief janet napolitano will visit there today. elsewhere, the national guard handed out water, food, diapers last night. 17 military aircraft arrived in new york state carrying repair trucks from california. >>> in virginia the u.s.s. san antonio was loaded with supplies and sent off to new york and new jersey. >>> the city of hoboken is finally getting back on its feet after flooding strande the day, today on your nbc >>> 96 hours to go. the candidates plan to spend a lot of time in the battleground state of ohio. nbc's tracie pots has those details. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: lynn, good morning. we've now taken a look at their travel schedules between now and tuesday and, boy, are they going to be busy. let's start with governor romney who is going to hit seven states between now and election day, including four on sunday alone. tonight he is in ohio. in fact, both of the candidates are in ohio today. he plans to stand with 100 supporters,
't say fema should be cut. of course not. [♪ mysterious music ♪] . >> it's your imaginations. [ mocking laughter ] . >> of course i didn't say that of course not. >> stephanie: i have always been for fully funding fema. >> of course we are. >> of course. >> stephanie: kevin in orange county you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, kevin. >> hey, gang. two things i'll make them quick. with the chris christie thing, i have malice of forethought that he is doing this with any kind of cynical thoughts but i do think now if and when he does criticize obama in the future it is going hit hard -- >> stephanie: yeah but that will be tough for him to do before the election -- >> caller: i don't think it is going to happen before the election at all. i'm saying in the next couple of years, if he criticizes obama, because now he has everybody thinking this guy tells the truth -- >> stephanie: right. i think he fact that it took him what chris, twenty-five minutes to mention mitt romney during his campaign speech if you thought the look on ann romney's face was bad during the
fema, he refused to answer questions. we'll be right (vo) brought to you by metlife. stay tuned for the answer. (vo) brought to you by metlife. >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right now ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: apologize to those listening on the radio. jim has prepare -- jim has prepared to not catch my illness this morning. [ laughter ] how did find tinted goggles? >> yeah! >> stephanie: it looks like outbreak. >> it kind of looks like the fly. >> stephanie: he's wearing goggles and a medical mask and -- we can both get a free pap smear jacki. he's wearing plastic gloves. >> he looks like he might rob something. he has a ski cap on! [ laughter ] >> stephanie: mama's still a little eh. >> uh-oh. >> stephanie: okay. >> stephanie: little relapse. >> his glove is missing a pinky. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: you're going to get my sickne
a perspective of fema, we not only have a defense officer appointed by dod embedded with us during a disaster but we actually practice and have communications interoperatability over our systems to be sure we can communicate with each other on similar platforms and also support state and local platforms, whether it was katrina or other events we've actually been able to bring in national guard platforms to provide 911 systems for cities that have lost those systems. we recently in the joplin tornados and also tuscaloosa tornados we brought in dod equipment to replace what was destroyed. from the fire side i know there's a lot of things you are doing to work around the interoperatability issues with regard to communications between fire and dod and maybe if ray or anybody else wants to speak to that. >> our communications challenges still exist. we have excellent telecom communications, we have a layered effect of our radio systems. we have mobile command posts that we can exercise. so we're prepared for power outages, reduction of telecoms, we have a layered effect for our communications.
himself and fema administrator have been out standing with us so far. very proactive, and i appreciate that type of leadership and the president's telephone call and if we do need something, i have the number and i'll be able to use it. >> obama: i'm barack obama and i approve this message. [ laughter ] >> bill: that's our own creation, of course, but it gets the point across. >> it's free media, that's right. >> the daily show has a great comparison of chris christie a week before the storm hit -- and the exact opposite of what he just said, barack obama can't find leadership, he doesn't know how to lead, he wouldn't know how to find a light switch in the room, and as jon stewart pointed out, he found that f-ing light switch. >> yeah, governor christie is not only a governor, but the governor of a democratic state, and what were his options anyway? what was he going to do criticize president obama when he responded so well -- >> bill: then obama would say, i guess we'll give that money to connecticut instead. [ laughter ] >> well, of course not, but christie was
called that spending immoral and said fema should be privatized. i wonder if he'll repeat those same thoughts. >> wow. >> stephanie: jacki reported this at the top of the first break. romney said victims in louisiana, mississippi alabama tennessee should not receive government assistance. that would have been immoral. >> heck of a job ronnie. >> stephanie: every time you have an occasion, send it back to the states. that's the right direction. if you go further and send it back to the private sector, even better. we cannot afford to do those things without jeopardizing the future. [ whatever! ] >> the immediate danger to children. >> stephanie: some future kids that aren't here yet. we have to think about. >> companies that can't make a profit doing that, they can just leave town. >> stephanie: almost like our healthcare system for profit right? >> who would do that? >> nobody else in the world. >> stephanie: right? it is simply immoral in my view for us to continue to rack up larger debts and pass them
of win. >> the beach is usually 100-yard long before you get to the beach. >> fema personnel are working with state and local governments. >> there are things flying off the roof here. >> 30-foot waves on top of 10 to 11 to 12-foot storm surge. >> this is not a time to be stupid. >> the national guard is not too far from husband. >> a lot of people are endureing very difficult times. >> 900 miles wide. that's the tropical storm. >> the crane is dangling above west 56th street. >> sandy has everyone scrambling. >> i'm not worried about the impact on election. i'm worried about the impact on families. >> this is what we live for. >> cenk: all right "viewpoint" is not on the air today because they're in new york, and obviously all of new york is suffering through storm sandy and i can give you the latest. in fact, it just made ground fall in southern new jersey as we speak. the winds are still up to 60 to 80 mph. we've got coastal flooding and 2 million people without power already. on top of that we just also heard unfortunately we have our first storm-related fatality in maryland. so obvi
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